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National Industry and Trade

National Industry and Trade

Our detailed policies in this portfolio will be released by the Policy Development Committee as we work towards the upcoming federal election. Please refer to our values and core policies in the meantime.

Foreign Investment

We see the need for a better balance between the benefits of targeted foreign investment, the wishes of local communities and the need to protect our national interest. We propose that the right of foreigners to purchase real estate and other property must be fully reciprocal. Only nationals of a country, which allows Australians free access to its own property market, shall be permitted to own property in Australia. Everyone else can lease Australian real estate.

Fairer Trade and Securing Australian Jobs

This is a complex issue. In general, we accept the theory that free trade between nations will increase the standard of living for all. We also understand that securing Australian jobs and manufacturing diversity is of the utmost importance to Australia. We cannot allow unfair trade to destroy Australian jobs.

If elected, we will review all international trade agreements and renegotiate agreements which are disadvantageous to Australia's interests.

Australian Liberty Alliance understands that only successful and healthy businesses can employ Australians and pay them good wages. We will work towards more balance between workers and employers so that well paid, long term employment can be possible. We need to make it easier for businesses to employ more Australians. We will examine the rules and regulations that have Australian businesses tied up in red tape. Excessive union behaviour that leads to increased labour cost and sends jobs overseas must be banned.

Redundancy outcomes need to be more equitable, so that staff of large corporations and employees of smaller businesses are not treated differently.

We believe all recipients of unemployment benefits should either be undergoing training or should be participating in some form of 'work for the dole'. 'Work for the dole' would be age-related so that younger people work more days per week than older people, thereby establishing the habit of work.

Australia must have access to healthy and affordable local seafood. We are committed to a sensible re-opening of our fishery grounds and effective protection from illegal foreign fishing.