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Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services

Our detailed policies in this portfolio will be released by the Policy Development Committee as we work towards the upcoming federal election. Please refer to our values and core policies in the meantime.

Improving Health Care and Ageing in Dignity

We recognise the cost of our healthcare system increases by an average 8% per year. Taxes and levies cannot grow indefinitely at the same rate. Therefore we have to differentiate between needy Australian citizens and deserving senior residents on one hand, and those who can afford to contribute more and foreign nationals on the other. Australian Liberty Alliance believes the latter must provide more towards their medical needs.

We see an urgent need to remove administrative overburdening from our health system. GPs are the essential gateway to our health system and doctors must be able to spend their time with patients, instead of being tied up by more and more red tape.

Australian Liberty Alliance shall foster the widespread use of co-located facilities in the public and private health systems to save money and encourage efficiency. In addition, strengthening of private health fund membership, including more effective disincentives for those who can afford to, but do not have private insurance. This will allow pensioners and low-income patients more timely treatment in the public system.

We propose to further remove pressure from the public hospital system by setting up publicly funded day surgery clinics with 23 hour licences, which concentrate on efficient standard procedures.

This will allow the majority of patients in the public hospital system to be operated on in a day-hospital setting to maximise quick patient turn around. In turn, major public hospitals can be freed up for emergencies and major surgeries.

Australian Liberty Alliance sees a particular need to strengthen health services for Australians in remote and Aboriginal communities. This is necessary to effectively combat mental health issues and substance abuse among young Australians, and improve mental health services for prisoners. We further see an urgent need for more effective intervention to prevent road trauma among young Australians, caused by substance abuse and inadequate driving skills.

While we consider the NDIS as necessary for our caring society, we believe the scheme requires a sound financial basis and a gradual introduction, focusing first on those with the highest needs.

Australian Liberty Alliance will respond to the challenges of more Australians living longer by fostering private-public partnerships to operate more efficient, integrated aged-care centres and state-of-the art palliative care units. As we live longer, we must contribute more to our retirement nest egg. To this end, we propose a stepped increase of mandatory superannuation contribution to, ultimately, 15%, including a mandatory 3% co-contribution by the employee.

Advancing the Natural Family.

We consider the natural family to be the primary building block of humanity and the foundation of civil society. The viability and well-being of families, together with tackling domestic violence, are therefore of primary concern for us.

We understand and respect that some Australians prefer to live in same-sex partnerships. We will combat negative stereotyping and mitigate financial disadvantages where they may still exist for homosexual couples.

However, we reject the notion that homosexual partnerships are the same as marriage and natural families. The right of children to grow up in a natural family must remain protected and 'alternative sexual orientations' shall not be actively promoted in schools and public institutions.

Giving birth should not be considered a substitute for income. To this end, we shall lower child benefit payments from the third child on, while providing a considerable income tax credit for one parent to ensure a young family on a single wage can cope with the cost of living.

Mandatory health checks and immunisation for children will be a condition for receiving full child benefits. We consider both mother and father to be paramount for a child's positive development. We will rigorously hold to account parents who neglect their children. Adoption for natural families should be made more accessible.

Right to Life

We believe elected representatives of our party should decide these questions based on their own conscience. However, if called upon to take an in-principle position we find an abortion should not be performed after the first trimester unless there are exceptional circumstances.


While we find an adult has every right to terminate his own life, we hold that another person's immediate involvement in the act of ending a human life is legally not justifiable. To be asked to intentionally end a loved one's life is for most an unbearable thought. Likewise, in some cases the motivation to end a life may not always be that of selflessness and compassion.

Therefore, we think it is best that active participation in ending a human life shall remain punishable as a crime of murder to ensure fundamental values and legal boundaries remain intact.

This final phase of our life is best left in the hands of well-trained palliative care workers and compassionate doctors, not those of politicians and judges.