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Foreign Affairs and Aid

Foreign Affairs and Aid

Our detailed policies in this portfolio will be released by the Policy Development Committee as we work towards the upcoming federal election. Please refer to our values and core policies in the meantime.

Foreign Investment

We see the need for a better balance between the benefits of targeted foreign investment, the wishes of local communities and the need to protect our national interest. We propose that the right of foreigners to purchase real estate and other property must be fully reciprocal. Only nationals of a country, which allows Australians free access to its own property market, shall be permitted to own property in Australia. Everyone else can lease Australian real estate.

Foreign Aid

As a responsible and caring member of the world community, foreign aid is an important part of our national identity. However, we believe that aid should be directed only to governments subscribed to the UN Charter on Human Rights and who guarantee gender equality and protection of religious minorities.


Australian Liberty Alliance believes the current UN Charter on Refugees is outdated and compromised. We would remove Australia from this charter and take sovereign control of our borders. We shall further review other multinational agreements under consideration of Australia's national interests.

Resettling refugees from Africa, the Middle East and Asia is counter-productive and drains these nations of their most valuable assets. If resettlement is the only option, then this must be close to the homeland and in a culture similar to the refugees' own cultural, religious and social framework.


Australian Liberty Alliance considers Israel to be the only liberal democracy in the Middle East today. We find Israel is not deserving of the criticism from those with limited understanding of historical and sociopolitical developments in the Levant.

We acknowledge Israel's right to exist in peace and within secure borders, including the traditional homelands of the Jewish people in Judea and Samaria, with Jerusalem as its undivided capital.