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Education and Training

Education and Training

Our detailed policies in this portfolio will be released by the Policy Development Committee as we work towards the upcoming federal election. Please refer to our values and core policies in the meantime.

Smarter Learning: Brighter Future

We shall return public schools and universities to their core function, reintroduce a firm focus on general knowledge into our education system and refocus on more traditional methods of education and appreciation of Western civilisation.

Children must be prepared for the realities of life. Advancing to the next class level in primary schools shall be based on objective learning outcomes.

We favour a needs-based national school voucher system, empowering parents to choose the school they prefer for their children.

We will seek to base the funding of Australia's universities on a more targeted, performance-based HECS/HELP scheme that will benefit engaged students and hard-working academic staff, as well as our national economy. Many university departments will need to allow a broader range of opinions and freedom of speech.

Our universities should reflect the broader sociopolitical spectrum of Australian society. Retired Australians shall be given the opportunity to attend lectures in publicly funded Australian universities.