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Join Up And Stand With Us!

If you rather submit your application offline, please contact us and ask to have a paper form posted. 

Application for Membership as a Party Member

Party Members must be enrolled on the Commonwealth electoral roll. If you are not on the electoral roll, we invite you to join us as a Social Member. Please email [email protected] and ask for the Social Members Form.

To join as party member, please complete and submit the form below. Please make sure to provide your name and address exactly as it is on the electoral roll:

Residential Address

Postal Address (if different from residential address)

I hereby apply for membership with Yellow Vest Australia as a Party Member and declare:

  1. I am enrolled on the Australian Commonwealth electoral roll at the above residential address.
  2. I am not / no longer a member of another political party and shall not join another political party whilst being a member of Yellow Vest Australia.
  3. I will abide by the rules of the party constitution, by-laws and codes of conduct established by the party.
  4. Except when relating to my own personal details, I waive any right I may have to review the membership register of the party and shall not make any such request in the future.
  5. I consent to my membership details being sent to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and the Electoral Commission of my state and to being contacted by the Electoral Commission about my membership.
  6. I am aware that it is a offence to make a false declaration.

I shall pay a once-off joining fee of $20 ($15 concession) plus ongoing annual dues as set by the National Executive Board from time to time.

I understand that annual dues are currently $50 or $25 concession. Concession rates apply to spouses or partners of members, full-time students and pensioners. In my first year I may pay pro-rata 1/4 of the annual dues per full quarter to end of the membership year (30 June).

You will see payment options on the next page after submitting your membership application.