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Ewan McDonald for Northern Victoria

Ewan McDonald for Northern Victoria

Meet Ewan McDonald

Ewan is a fourth generation farmer from Northern Victoria near Rochester. He has been active in politics for over 30 years and comes from a family with a proud tradition of serving its community. His uncle served 12 years in the Victorian parliament (Legislative Council) representing the Country Party and his father served many years in Local Government.

Married with six children, Ewan is concerned they are growing up in a far more hostile environment than the one previous generations enjoyed. Big government, high taxes, ever growing public debt, over-regulation (red tape), increasing cost of living, political correctness, and the growth of anti-freedom ideologies like Islam, are all negatively impacting on our Australian way of life.

Ewan has a wide breadth of knowledge on the issues affecting rural and regional communities. He is concerned with the way extreme green ideology is influencing irrigation water policy and energy policy. Unfounded alarmist claims regarding environmental degradation are driving water policy to the detriment of irrigators. Alarmist and irrational concerns regarding climate change are driving an unsustainable push for renewable energy and this is by far the largest factor in Victoria having some  of the most expensive electricity in the world.

The impact on freedom of speech from political correctness and from government appeasement to noisy minority groups is of great concern to Ewan. The most egregious example of this is Victoria's so-called “Racial and Religious Tolerance Act” which effectively operates as a Sharia blasphemy law criminalising public discussion of Islam. Labor introduced this Act and the subsequent Coalition government failed to repeal it, therefore Ewan is convinced that a new conservative force  is needed to protect and restore our freedoms. ALA is the only party contesting this state election with a priority to regain and preserve freedom of speech for all Victorians.

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