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Are You A Good Candidate?

Are You A Good Candidate?

Australian Liberty Alliance has a responsibility to our voters and members to stand the best candidates possible. Voters expect that candidates for our party are suitable representatives of their community.

ALA has established a thorough but fair endorsement process. This process ensures the individual candidate and the party collectively has the best possible chance of projecting our vision for better government into communities across Australia.

We expect our candidates to share most of our values and policy positions and have the personality and passion, as well as time and resources, required to run a campaign. Backing by your family is a critical element to consider.

If you are a party member and believe you have what it takes, we look forward to hearing from you. In the first instance please contact the national office and speak in confidence to our secretary.

PLEASE NOTE: On 25 August 2016 it was announced that the party operation will be on hold for a period of 12 to 18 months. This means we will not contest elections during this time.