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Yellow Vest Demands: Scrap Unfair $0.40 Fuel Levy

Yellow Vest Fuel Australia Scrap Levy Campaign

Many Australians do not realise that every litre of petrol and diesel is taxed twice. First comes the fuel levy of $0.416 per litre and then 10% GST - de-facto putting a tax on tax.

We think this fuel levy is unfair, kills jobs, disadvantages our exporters and must be scrapped. It not ony penalises Australians who live in the country and the outer suburbs, but makes everything Australian companies sell and export more expensive. Whether we drive a car or not, we all benefit from road transport.

Plus, the new trend towards electric vehicles makes this levy even more unfair.

This is why YELLOW VEST AUSTRALIA DEMANDS: SCRAP THE FUEL LEVY, together with the bureaucracy that administers this unfair tax.

We propose the shortfall to be taken up by the GST, which distributes the cost to maintain our roads more fairly among all Australians.

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