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Tony Robinson: It's time for a democratic disruption

Tony Robinson: It's time for a democratic disruption

Tony Robinson, the endorsed candidate of ALA for the Bennelong by-election stated on Sunday “It’s time for a democratic disruption, time to vote career politicians out.”

“What the Liberals are playing is diversified multi-brand marketing and the new name of the game in politics: You produce one product and sell it under different brands.” “Strategists at the LNP dangle the Nationals as a carrot for country voters, while Australian Conservatives is the brand for frustrated, conservative Liberals. In the end, it all ends up with Team Turnbull.”

Mr. Robinson explains: “Ever wondered why in 2016 - and again in the Bennelong by-election - the Liberals put ALA last on their HTV cards, behind Labor, Greens and hard-left activist groups? In contrast, the Liberals and Australian Conservatives preference each other, with Fred Nile’s CDP as the middle token.”

“A vote for the Australian Conservatives means more of the same for the old boys, who pull the strings at LNP headquarters and more of the same for Australia: More Islam, globalisation, bureaucracy, immigration, welfare-shoppers, political correctness and more public debt.”

Tony Robinson encourages voters in Bennelong to vote 1 for ALA. He gives no further preference recommendation on his How to Vote Card. He said: “The preferences are up to each voter to decide. Today Liberals and Labor are both bad choices for our country.”

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