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Statement by Exec Board

Debbie Robinson, President ALA

Statement by the Executive Board

Following extensive deliberation, the Executive Board of Australian Liberty Alliance has agreed not to join with the Australian Conservatives.

For four weeks the board participated in negotiations with the leader of the Australian Conservatives, Senator Cory Bernardi. The main areas of disagreement include, organisational structure, policy development and input regarding future candidate selection.

The Executive Board believes the way forward in our threatened Western society is to be forthright, especially regarding the Islamisation of Australia. We will continue to speak loudly on behalf of the silent majority of Australians.

Australian Liberty Alliance's future plans include a well-orchestrated Victorian State election campaign in 2018 and an equally well-planned Federal election campaign in 2019.

We are proud of past achievements and look forward to an expansive future.

Yours in Liberty,

Debbie Robinson


11 April 2017