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On ALA Defence Policy

On ALA Defence Policy


With a military conflict to our north looming, members asked what the party's position on Australia's involvement in such a conflict would be. 

Our Manifesto states: "... we reject the deployment of the ADF in combat roles for reasons other than the defence of Australia's sovereignty, or the defence of our allies from attack." If, for example, the North Korean regime would attack the US territory of Guam with a missile strike, this would mean an ally of Australia has come under attack. In this case, ALA policy  supports the deployment of ADF units in combat roles. 

Contrast this with the invasions of Afghanistan in 2001 or Iraq 2003, or the ongoing deployments into Syria. Neither regimes  attacked Australia or an ally of Australia, or demonstrably prepared for such an attack. While we support our troops, the political decisions to involve the ADF in combat roles is not supported. 

It must be noted that aside from combat roles, there are a number of other roles during times of conflict, for example intelligence gathering, resupply and logistical support,  protection of bases and assets, as well as medical assistance or peace keeping roles. We have no in principle concerns with ADF deploying in such roles in support of our allies and friendly nations.

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