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Letter to Members and Supporters

Debbie Robinson with YVA members in Perth

The following letter was posted to members of the party in the first week of July 2019


Dear Member,

I am writing to advise of changes to the underlying organisation of our political party:

The executive board of ALA Ltd came together on 18 June 2019 and decided to voluntarily de-register ALA Ltd as of 30 June 2019. In its place will come a new organisation: Yellow Vest Australia Inc, an incorporated association currently in formation.

Yellow Vest Australia carries forward the same core values and key policies. In particular our commitment to oppose Islamisation, divisive multiculturalism and greedy globalism, while upholding traditional Australian values from a secular perspective.  

The reason for restructuring is the need to reduce expenses and simplify our administration. Operating on a tighter budget will give us more room for campaigns.

Our party registration with the AEC remains unchanged.

I ask all members to join up with our new organisation by signing and returning the form on the reverse side, or completing the online form at

The Constitution and Manifesto is available on our website

There are no joining fees for ALA members. The annual dues for party members will be $50 or $25 concession. Social members pay $40.

If you already paid dues for 2019/20 to ALA, we will credit these to your YVA membership.

Please don’t hesitate to write with any questions.

Kind Regards,


Debbie Robinson



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