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Justice for Ashlee



You may have heard the horrific story of Ashlee Brown, a 25 year old Victorian mother of three, who was killed in November 2016 by her husband Mohammad Naddaf. The gruesome act appears to be yet another hushed-over ‘honour’ killing. Watch the heart-breaking story told by Ashlee’s mother

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This Friday morning at 10am, Ashlee’s mother Shiobann, supported by friends and fellow ALA members Avi Yemini and Debbie Robinson, will stand in protest outside the Supreme Court in Melbourne, where Mohammad’s sentencing is scheduled for 10:30am. However, there never was a proper trial. Mohammad was first charged with killing his wife, but then made a deal to plead guilty to a single count of manslaughter by criminal negligence instead.

We believe this deal is not justice. There must be a clear and loud message to those who think women are property and domestic violence, or killing in the name of ‘honour’ can be swept under the multicultural carpet. 

Channel Nine will air a special segment about the case tonight (Wednesday 18 July) in their ‘A Current Affair’ program starting at 7:00pm. If you miss it today, you may be able to catch a recording at

WE ASK YOU to join us on Friday morning at 10am at the Supreme Court, 210 William Street, Melbourne. Maplink

Ashlee’s mother will bring purple pin ribbons for all and we will have a number of placards available. If you can print A3 format, click here to download the file in pdf format. 

This will be the starting point for a campaign to reform Victoria’s judiciary that will take us to the state election and beyond.

Please make the effort. Come to the court house and stand for Justice for Ashlee.


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This is the most barbaric treatment of any human I have heard of in Australia in their own home who is not a criminal ....... let alone this heinous vile act being inflicted upon a young naïve Australian Christian? girl of 25 with 3 children under the age of 5.

The court have given him 8 years on the basis of a pleading of manslaughter because they have not found the evidence to convict him on murder.? How? More than 100 injuries and he didn't call 000 immediately?

So a stranger broke in to their car?.... and did this heinous act to a young wife with 3 muslim kids married to a muslim drug addict? What was their motivation? Or was this an honour killing? If so then they have the husband's motivation for a murder charge.

Appauled and so disgusted that the education of all non Muslim Australians is not mandatory in the curriculum alongside other minority teachings units of inquiry yearly and weekly at Australian school on Aborigines. Well if you want to know about Islam teach the Koran and honour killings etc and stop sugar coating everything so that all the kids grow up believing no harm can come to them. Most Muslims are law abiding citizens but not all so teach the differences so innocents can understand the worst case scenarios and go from there. This is beyond tragic what a sweet young girl what a waste and so sad that her chlldren never get to see her again.

My condolences to Siobhann Brown and her family. I have had a quick look into Ashlee's case online this evening and I cannot understand why the prosecution dropped the murder charge and accepted the manslaughter plea and why there is so little media coverage of this horrific murder, unless it was simply because it is a political hot potato and/or because they thought he would get just as much jail time for the manslaughter due to negligence charge (would he?).

Is there so little media coverage for legal reasons?
Surely there must have been enough evidence to go to trial - did they spend enough time and money looking for evidence?
Was it really an honour killing?
Was there any evidence she was seeing someone else or that he thought she was or was paranoid and jealous or had mistreated her in the past?
Can he be charged with murder in future if more evidence comes up?
Why had human services been to the house twice before?
If they had evidence that she was given water through a hole in a piece of tape across her mouth, surely this is sufficient to prove murder?

This case could potentially have been used as a deterrent to make sure it is clear to everyone that Australia will not tolerate violence against women and children in general and honour killings in particular.

There are so many unanswered questions just as there are many unanswered questions in the Ristevski case. It doesn't seem to me that either of these women got justice, how can we know if they did without knowing the truth? It sounds like the system is saying well officially we don't know who killed these women and we have just given up looking for their killers, but well read between the lines we know they did it and it is just quicker and cheaper and easier - possibly politically expedient - to get them on a manslaughter charge. Ashlee was clearly murdered. Why wasn't there a murder charge?

I would urge you to make your campaign about getting justice for the women and children who are victims of domestic violence and of honour killings. Violence against women is committed by men - and occasionally by women - of all walks of life, all religions and all cultures, not just by Muslim men. The Australian justice system needs to ensure that all victims of violence get justice and that there are no allowances made for perpetrators who grew up in countries, cultures or with religions that tolerate violence against women and children or for perpetrators who are wealthy, privileged and in positions of power. If you make it all or solely about Islam you will alienate people who would otherwise support your cause. You also risk creating animosity between Muslims and non-Muslims. This could mean that the wives of Muslim men who are being violent will in future be even less likely to report violence or any threats because they fear unequal treatment or even persecution by authorities.

I would also recommend anyone concerned about this issue follow the red hearts campaign:

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