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How Much Recognition Is Enough?

Protesters with aboriginal flag and smash the state sign

With yet another debate about moving Australia Day or inventing a special holiday for Aboriginal Recognition, ALA secretary Ralf Schumann asks "How much recognition will be enough?" 

  • Aboriginals are recognised at the beginning of meetings of local councils and parliaments.
  • Aboriginals are recognised by legislating large areas of Australia into segregated, tribal ownership.
  • Aboriginals are recognised by public buildings flying separatist flags.
  • Aboriginals are recognised by naming public places and facilities in languages barely anyone understands.
  • Aboriginals are recognised each year with ‘National Sorry Day” on 26 May.
  • Aboriginals are recognised by the annual Naidoc Week in early July.
  • Aboriginals are recognised by preferential treatment in public employment, housing and health care.
  • Aboriginals are recognised by events, programs, festivals, contests and stipends available only to those identifying as Aboriginal.
  • Aboriginals are recognised with an annual budget of $30 billion for a group of only 500,000. Per capita this is twice as much as other Australians.
  • Aboriginals are recognised by a former Prime Minister who took it upon himself to say “Sorry” for an earlier government intervention aimed at saving children in Aboriginal settlements from neglect and violence. Today public services are often afraid to intervene and children suffer and die. 

If all this has not been enough for the grievance industry, what will a special holiday or changing the date of Australia Day achieve?

We consider special laws and privileges based on ethnicity as de-facto apartheid. Some may call it 'affirmative action', but in reality this is racial discrimination against 24.5 million Australians who do not identify with a particular ethnicity.  

This sorry agenda only feeds the 'Us vs Them' mentality and delays real reconciliation. At ALA we stand for real reconciliation, one set of rights and responsibilities for all Australians, under one law and one flag in one Australian nation. ALA members very much support providing help for disadvantaged Australians. Let's do this targeted to individual needs, regardless of ethnicity or skin colour.

Racist interventions only divide Australians and Australia.


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To all aboriginal people-

Perhaps it's time to stop complaining and portraying yourselves as victims. Thousands of other Australians have lost relatives in war, concentration camps, death marches and persecution. Most never complain or play the 'blame game'. They just get on with life and try to build a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

It's time for 'all' Australians, including aboriginal peoples, to have a go at life and show our courage and your courage and determination. We will all then gain respect for ourselves and from the rest of the world. We must all stop sitting around on our hands waiting for Government 'handouts'!

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