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Avi Yemini: Facebook Attacks Free Speech in Australia

Avi Yemini in Melbourne

Friday, August 3rd, 2018 - Australian Liberty Alliance VIC

Avi Yemini, the outspoken political activist from Melbourne and Victorian state candidate for Australian Liberty Alliance, has been banned by Facebook Inc for unspecified 'hate' speech. Avi Yemini's Facebook page had over 170,000 followers and attracted between two and three million views per week, before it was deleted by Facebook. 

This attack on a registered political party’s candidate highlights Australia’s growing problem with censoring the truth and shutting down our basic human right to speak freely. Censorship and the deliberate meddling in the political process by Facebook Inc is cause for serious concern not only in Australia.  

Concerned citizens, journalists and politicians alike must confront the undue influence multinational social media companies now have, when a faceless individual staffer at Facebook, Twitter or Youtube can decide who has a voice and who is censored and cut off from his or her constituency. 

Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) is a federally registered party. ALA is critical of totalitarian ideologies like Islamism, Communism and Fascism. ALA lobbies against big government and for individual liberty, in particular for freedom of speech. 

Australian Liberty Alliance VIC

Australian Liberty Alliance Ltd (ALA) is a political movement as well as a registered political party. We stand for individual liberty, small government, Western values, social fairness and an integrated multi-ethnic society. We speak out against government waste and human rights abuses, whether in the name of political or religious dogma.  We provide sensible policy solutions to the problems Australian families and businesses face today and tomorrow.  

Avi Yemini
P: 1300 188869
M: 0433 747 423


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I stand against the shutdown of free speech I will not be dictated to by the GOV or FB on what I choose to watch

Time to disengage from FB. Providing support to the forces aimed at our destruction is a game we must not learn from Israel. Time to parallel post to an alternative social platform with a view of ultimately discarding FB altogether. Only bleeding FB of members will tame the Zuckerberg octopus.

Australia is following UK and Europe in shutting down free speech. Stopping free speech does not stop the problems in the world. We live in a democracy, and should not change our way of life to appease a minority. Many peoples have left countries because they didn't like the inhuman treatment they were subjected to. They then decide they don't like our democracy and want to take us back to the dark ages, it's outrageous!!

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