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Do we still elect MPs? Or does the AEC appoint winners?

Do we still elect MPs? Or does the AEC appoint winners?

Under the Electoral Act, wining an absolute majority (50% + 1) is required to win a seat in our Parliament. One may win on count of first preferences, or, if this first count does not result in an absolute majority, on distribution of preferences.

If you thought this is how we elect MPs in this country, think again.

Without an absolute majority on first preferences and without a distribution of preferences, the Australian Electoral Commission now takes it upon itself to appoint the winner. Such appointments are based on an internal, unpublished modelling of preference flow, based on what the AEC calls the Two Candidate Preferred (TCP) value.Think of the climate modelling by the IPCC.

Example: The seat of Cowan in WA, were Ms Azza Mahmoud Fawzi Hosseini Ali el Serougi aka Anne Ali (ALP) was just declared the winner - WITHOUT absolute majority and WITHOUT preference distribution. Simply on 38.13% + X of the primary vote.
Where X is the secret of the AEC.

The LNP candidate leads on first preferences and actual preference flow from minor parties should favour LNP:

How is this possible you ask? 
Why don't we all call the AEC, our local newspapers and our MPs and ask this very questions.

Cowan is not the only case, but let's concentrate on this to investigate further. 

Help us investigate. Support the resistance: