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Defend Freedom of Speech. Seriously.

Party President Debbie Robinson

Will you stand by and just look on? Or will you stand up and fight back?

Whether corrupt career politicians, more blasphemy laws, one-eyed policing pandering to Islamists and the left, state-sponsored spying on every word we say on the internet, indoctrination and bullying in schools and universities, violence and de-platforming by militant anarchists, or the slanted reporting by the regressive main stream media: Orwell's nightmare of 'Oceania' is almost upon us.

As responsible representatives of the Australian people, our MPs and Senators must ACTIVELY protect this basic human right defined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which we are a signatory. Any politician failing to do so MUST be VOTED OUT. At Yellow Vest Australia we are firmly committed to Article 19. 

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