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Debbie Robinson for Western Australia

Debbie Robinson for Western Australia


Debbie is our lead Senate candidate for Western Australia

Debbie arrived in Western Australia as a 12 year old from Scotland and immediately fell in love with her new home. She raised her own family in WA and continues to embrace the unique lifestyle and freedoms available to people in our great state.

“I am passionate about democracy, freedom of speech and upholding Australian values and I am worried about the way we are headed as a nation.”

Debbie believes she has a duty of care to address the real concerns of people in her constituency. “We are not a one issue party,” she said. “However; one issue that does need urgent attenton is the need to stop the Islamisaton of Australia because the future of our children and grandchildren is at stake.”

Debbie spent many years raising awareness and encouraging debate about Islamic practices that violate the human rights of women and children in Australia, as well as other important topics. Before politcs, Debbie worked as a registered Nurse for more than 30 years. “I am an ordinary Australian who cares about my fellow human beings and the future of this wonderful country.

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