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Catherine Gorman for Western Australia

Catherine Gorman for Western Australia

Catherine spent her childhood years growing up on a farm in Kojonup, Western Australia. She had a typical Australian upbringing based on good country Christian values in a close-knit community.

Her background is in psychology, which she is passionate about. Catherine also runs a small business from home.

Concerns that need to be addressed are protecting retiree’s income and assets, giving our pensioners a livable pension that covers the rising cost of living. Stop the Socialist political indoctrination of our children by providing a politically neutral learning environment. Case in point is the divisive “Safe Schools Program” eroding family values, promotes disposable relationships, pornography, and gender confusion. This is not what she wants her only child and others to be exposed to.

Lastly, she is passionate about preserving our Australian culture and way of life, inclusive of our indigenous culture. “The Australia that I know and love is being eroded by Islamic immigration, we now have enclaves here where Muslims put Sharia law above our own law”. These concerns are echoed by many Australians that she has come across.

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