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Call to Protect the Marriage Act

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The Turnbull government is potentially doing an about-face and push for a change of the Marriage Act through parliament. Since all previous SSM bills have been rejected by parliament, we believe our government must now put this question before the people in a binding referendum. 

Our 226 MPs and Senators have been massaged by the SSM lobby for far too long to remain true representatives of their normal constituency. We call on members and supporters to help us protect the Marriage Act. This in turn will protect the natural family and our civil Western society. 

Putting SSM into perspective 

About 0.3% of Australians live in a same-sex partnership(1). How many homosexual partners would indeed like to tie the knot is unknown. However, since homosexual males account for well over 75% of new HIV/AIDS infections(2), we can deduct that those aspiring to a lifelong, monogamous partnership are in the minority within the homosexual cohort. From this a conservative estimate would be that fewer than 0.15% of the population may have a personal interest in homosexual 'marriage'. With the relentless badgering by the SSM Stormtroopers, one can be forgiven to think Australia's future depends on this very question. So keep these figures in mind and help others to put it all in perspective. 

 Marriage is about more than 'I love you'

If marriage under law would be just about a mutual feeling, there would be no need to formalise a special bond in marriage. From the onset of recorded human civilisation, a natural family has always consisted of one man and one woman. 

In Australia, as in other civilised nations, legal marriage requires both partners to comply with a set of biological characteristics and laws: A bond of marriage cannot be formed between brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, certain other blood relatives, underage partners, persons otherwise married or partners of the same sex. These partners may love each other and decide to live together, but they cannot form a union in marriage.

Marriage is the recognition of the vital role the natural family holds in our society. There are legal, social, demographic, economic and religious aspects tied to the Marriage Act, which are all critical for our commonwealth as a whole. This is why we insist that the Marriage Act must remain intact in its current form. To dismantle Western civil society from within is a long-term project by those who believe in Marxism, Globalism and Islamism.

Act now, sign and spread the word

Our petition explains our position in more detail. If you haven't done so already, we urge you to sign the ALA petition and share it with your connections. 

Click here to read and sign the petition


You can also download and print a paper form of the petition to take it into aged care facilities and other places with reduced internet access.



(1) Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2016 Census

(2) The Kirby Institute (UNSW), Annual report on HIV, hepatitis and STIs in Australia

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SSM is Gay Marriage, not Marriage.

Marriage and children should be kept safe from leftist Marxist ungodly ideas that has really nothing to do with marriage in the first place.

Marriage is between a man and a woman.

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