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Back to Business: Stop Islam

ALA President Debbie Robinson speaks to members and supporters and outlines our way ahead, towards the next campaigns.


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Someone is listening. Thank you. Do you have enough members to cover all areas of goverment. Are you going to keep sending money o/seas. Are you in each state. People are now becoming frightened. I am a pensioner and also have my daughter ( because of dv) and her 2 little girls living with me so money is very tight at the moment. How many members do you have. I am just so excited after hearing your video that i have shared it with other friends who are as frightened as i am for the future. FGM sick sick sick.. raping of small girls just horrific. My one concern with who ever gets in can you get past the senate as they seem to stop everything. The NLP and ALP both have to go and get back into the real world se see what they have done to this country. Again thank you. Jenny

I have been a member for just about a year & truly believe in the values of the ALA I urge all Australians to get behind the ALA go to the web site & look for yourself this is our country lets get together & get some decent representatives in our capitols so as our grandchildren & beyond are Australians not like these interlopers that are creeping around & looking to make it theirs. Australia is for anyone who wants a better life as an Australian not as a Muslim. Help stop this Islamisation.

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