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Avi Yemeni is joining forces with ALA

Outspoken political activist Avi Yemini is joining forces with ALA. Avi brings the right attitude towards Islam, political correctness and divisive multiculturalism to the party. He has the right energy and is not afraid to confront topics others are afraid to touch. 


Our first target is to grow party membership in Victoria. We need a strong team to run the campaign for the Victorian state elections in November. A good showing for ALA in Victoria will send a clear message to both the Victorian parliament and Canberra:

  • Stop Islamisation!
  • Stop divisive multiculturalism and social engineering!
  • Stop the migrant crime wave!
  • Stop big government waste and red tape!
The Victorian campaign will grow our national profile for the next federal and state elections. 
Please welcome Avi and say G'Day on his Facebook page



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Well done Avi, I'm in South Australia and we have a State Election on March 17th. How do I vote ALA in SA,?

Glad to see you with us Avi I think we have a big job in front of us I feel your enthusiasm & Passion & I agree with you on Councils they are only a group of people looking to get an edge so their bank balance grows ie. Salim Marjinah. Forgive my spelling I am sure you know how I mean. See you later in the year I will be there. Doing the HTV.

Hi Avi
I’m from Canada and I have been following and supporting you and Tommy Robinson. Good luck. Hi Debbie brave lady . :)

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