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ALA to contest Bennelong by-election

Tony Robinson Photo


Are You Over Career Politicians?

We’re With You. 

If you had enough of self-serving career politicians, Tony Robinson and the ALA are just what the doctor ordered for Bennelong.

Tony and ALA stand for: 
+ Individual liberty and smaller government
+ Common sense and an end to the nanny state
+ Quality of life with less public debt and zero net immigration
+ Affordable, reliable energy and an end to Green pipe dreams
+ Protect Australian values and our Western way of life
+ Integration over segregation and a stop to Islamisation

Register here to help with the campaign:


Meet Dr Tony Robinson
Tony spent the first 30 years of his life in Willoughby and attended Marist Brothers North Shore in Miller Street, North Shore. After completing studies at University NSW, he specialised in orthopaedic surgery and continues to work as an orthopaedic surgeon in various states. Tony has strong family ties to Sydney and if elected, will relocate to the seat of Bennelong. Tony is married with three adult children and a recent grandfather. He is a proud supporter of the North Sydney Rugby League Bears. (Unfortunately now defunct).


About Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA)
ALA was formed as a federal political party in 2014 by Australians like yourself: Professionals, workers, home makers, care givers, pensioners and students – Australians who have had enough of big government, divisive identity politics and selfish career politicians, wrapping us in oppressive red and green tape. Find out more about ALA, the anti-politician’s party and read our core positions and key policies.


Contact Tony:

Call (02) 8234 8864

Email: [email protected]


HTV card for laser/inkjet print (front) ALA_Bennelong_Front_V3.pdf

HTV card for laser/inkjet print (back) ALA_Bennelong_Back_V3.pdf

The HTV card is in A5 landscape format. We have arranged two cards side-by-side so you can print to A4 on a normal laser or inkjet printer, turn over and print the second page on the back. Then cut the A4 in half and you will have two fine HTV cards. We recommend printing on 90gr gloss paper.  Alternatively, you can request a quantity of printed cards from the party office by sending your name and postal address to [email protected]