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Let's Help The Right African Refugees

Minister Dutton: Let’s Help The Right African Refugees

There is a genocide in the making in South Africa. Farmers, workers and their families are not only systematically dispossessed of their land and livelihood, but in the process they are beaten, raped and murdered. The so-called Rainbow State is returning to tribal warfare and open violence against indigenous Afrikaners and families whose ancestors settled and cultivated the land centuries ago.

Australia has generously welcomed refugees from across Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Some where genuine, good people who came to learn, integrate and contribute. Others brought us nothing but crime, violence, a hostile ideology and systematic welfare abuse. We believe that over the last decades, we have resettled more than our fair share from developing and Islamic countries.

Now is the time we take in the right refugees: Persecuted South African and former Rhodesian farmers, workers and their families in urgent need of our help. They have no future under corrupt tribal rule

These farmers and workers are proud, hardworking people used to stand on their own feet. They speak our language, respect the same values and share our culture. They don’t come to bludge, steal, deal drugs or rape our daughters. They simply need a fair go to get back on their own feet. 

This is why we ask Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to ensure that for the 2018/19 budget year, Australia will reserve 80% of available refugee visa places for South African and former Rhodesian farmers, workers and their families.

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I sign this petition in the hope that you stop allowing the wrong type of person into Australia.

Sadly, I don't believe that you - as a politican - really cares about the safety and security of the average Australian.

You, as a politicans, only care about yourself. This statement has been proven time and time again by your actions.

This is the same atrocity that happened in Zimbabwe, but I was unaware of it occurring in South Africa until now. I enjoyed many good times with friends in both Sth. Africa & Zimbabwe during my 6 or 7 trips there in the '80s. Wonderful countries and people, with very similar culture and ethics as our own and I'm all in favour of helping these folks.
Let's lobby our politicians to do something about it.

This violence against innocent white skinned human beings is a statement that black skinned people want to cause separation because of skin color. This is pure evil, and the dark skinned people causing this to happen should be made accountable.

What is happening in south Africa is completely wrong

This is a repeat of the disaster which befell Zimbabwe which I have visited several times, taking pens and pencils for the children to do their homework. In the early days of my visit we were delighted that Zim was the breadbasket of the South of Africa, but under Mugabe and the expropriation of white farms, it became a starving country. Now Ramaphosa is emulating this policy in South Africa which can only lead to disaster, not to mention the murder of white farmers and families at the rate of one per week !! Ramaphosa was tagged as a moderate - he's p-roved to be a moderate murderer. Peter Dutton - please get off ass and let in the right sort of African migrant - not the South Sudanese, but the white S.A. farmers who will work and MAKE A FIST OF IT. THESE ARE THRE MIGRANTS WE NEED !! You, virtually alone are the Libs "attack dog" - please, please, do your job !!

We need to open the doors to our white South Africans who need to flee the genocide which is about to happen. Also stop aid to these nations as it never gets to the poorer population just to the black politicians and their friends in high places so they can live like fat cats. Once the whites are out lets see how well they can manage their farming.

I am writing you to ask that you allow only the “right” people into Australia. Most politicians have let me down and don’t understand that my forebears were from overseas yet I had to make a decision to be an Aussie first and the what I became after that. We are a long way from wanting the Truth first and foremost and after that life that our Creator wants us to live! This is what I’ve taught to my children. They have taught the truth to their children after them! Act now before we go further down the wrong track! Your faithfully. Robert Colman

Sadly, I don't believe that you - as a politican - really cares about the safety and security of the average Australian.violence against innocent white skinned human beings is a statement that black skinned people want to cause separation because of skin color.

Good to see Tom Cruze protesting and holding a placard even though he is a scientologist

These farmers are hard working people who have or will be deprived of their land without compensation & not like the Sudanese refugee gangs that are terrorising Melbourne

There should be a special meeting of the Security Council

Mr Dutton please stop taking Africans who do not have the ability to assimilate and contribute to our country. PLEASE urgently take white Sth Africans who have for some time been denied basic health, jobs, protection from harm. Now, the Sth African govt is taking, by force and death, white farmers property. This can only result in a disastrous outcome.

I do not see or hear that the Australian govt is doing anything about approaching the Sth African MPs about this issue. One only has to look at Zimbabwe to see where this is all going. These white people have a better chance of assimilating into Australia than the current refugees and migrants.

I urge you to urgently take white Sth Africans and those people who practice the Christian religions.

Stand up and be counted.

Can one spinster a family to help get them out???

Quality migration is needed.

These Africans will never be able to run the confiscated farms efficiently without the full cooperation of the white farmers because they are divided by tribal, language and political differences furthermore no EU or non-African country will buy their produce, it will be a disaster just as Zimbabwe has learned and are begging the expelled white farmers to return.

.... genicid of all white people.. the end of the intelligence gene...

Excuses made everytime a black African is apprehended for a home invasion,carjacking, assault, rioting and causing mayhem in Australia...Melbourne in particular! Fed up with excuses....this is the normal to them in Australia as too in Africa...Violent, aggressive behavior with no respect to the people of the country that has given them refuge...These people are incompatible to Australia....deport them and their families along with them....Let them multiply and Australia is in big trouble....Melbourne most dangerous city in Australia! !Our beautiful country is ruined by lazy, violent,disrespectful, incompatible economic immigrants! As many of the white South African farmers originally came from Holland....a partition was signed by many, to allow them to return to Holland without prejudice. Lets hope the Dutch Prime minister allows them to return.Please select migrants that are 100% compatible.Australians have had enough of the rubbish that has been dumped on us.!!

Apartheid was a disgrace, but there is no excuse for this. It is hateful, wrong, evil.

Let's have these South African refugees in our country. They will bring skill, a hard-working mentality, and values that are compatible with ours. STOP bringing in parasites, and start bringing in European/Anglo South-Africans.

Why don't western governments care about the white farmers being massacred in South Africa?

I know why I just wish (pigs fly) that they would just come right out and say it!

It appears that the only politicians that do not hate the white man are Russian, the very nation the West hates.

Why wont you listen to the Australian people we don't want these violent lawless people here in Australia. Victoria has the worst crime rate with the Sudanese people.I know what I'll be called, I don't care I tell the truth and our gutless career minded Politicians carry on as if nothing is happening. Open your eyes Australia.Look at the African unlicensed driver that ran over and killed a pedestrian and got off with community service what a joke.

This is a rerun of what happened in Zimbabwe, where the farmers were dispossessed and the whole agricultural base collapsed. Ironically, this is exactly what Nelson Mandela laboured to avoid. Now his thug ANC successors are presiding over Mugabe volume 2. There is inequality still in the rainbow nation, but this will not solve it. The politicians who wink at these atrocities are in bed with the large mine operators to keep black South Africans as wage slaves. As you suggest, South Africans make great Australian immigrants, but only international pressure such as that against Apartheid could make the ANC change its ways.

We have to stop this genocide in South Africa. Bring them here they are refugees. Just because they are white doesnt mean they dont gualify as refugees.

While I fully support immigration of South African farmers and others facing similar crisis, this is not what South Africa needs. They need their farmers of all colours and need to recognise the mistakes Zimbabwe made and kicking farmers off their land. Australia and the rest of the world would be better off providing leadership and help to South Africa to prevent a repeat of Zimbabwe and ensure the future for all South Africans and that farming is seen as an integral to South Africa's future. We have to be aware that those that want to kick the farmers off their land are not doing so to continue farming the land, they just want the land!

I am appalled - not only that Genocide is occurring in South Africa - but that our Politicians and "Left Wing" Media seem to be quite prepared to continue to let it happen. The society we live in, is in rapid decline - perhaps we can thank the
United Nations Human Rights groups, as well as our own Human Rights leaders,
such as Gillian Triggs for the drastic loss of direction, and skewed thinking of
Public Servants, whose obsessions are taking us down in the sewer.

This is a disgusting human abuse and racism against the white african famers they rape torture the innocent hard working famers and there families if it was not for the famers they wouldn't eat , look at Mugabe allowed the white farmers and their families to be raped tortured and murdered then years latter he wanted them back to farm as they had no food ,why would you return to feed those that hate you and subject you to hideous cruel inhuman treatment , Its the only home they know they were born there as were there ancestors , Peter Dutton and the Australian government should open the door to allow these hard working decent persecuted people live here in Australia other countries should do the same and stop this hate filled racism and genocide , we need to deport the evil we have allowed into our once safe country and let the good in .

Australia has accepted many refugees who have no intention of learning our language, or finding a job and are happy to live off our generous welfare system, while having many children in polygamous “marriages” and follow an ideology that opposes the freedoms an democracy we aspire to.
The Australian left claim we have an obligation to these people because our military was involved in the liberation of their countries.
Australia also played a role in the overturning of the Botha National government of South Africa, and the abolition of apartheid, and the installation of the ANC. The security, rights and standard of living of white, coloured and black South Africans have continued to plummet ever since. South Africa is now undergoing a process of “ethnic cleansing” of the Caucasians who first settled South Africa and made it prosperous and free.
It is now in Australia's interests to give refuge to these hard-working people who speak our language and aspire to the same values as us.

The politicians of Africa are advocating death & violence against the white race of people/farmers because of their skin colour & demographic!? World respected Nelson Mandela preached that ALL Africans (no matter their skin colour, demographic & position in life) should be able to work & play in his beloved country, to live together amicably/peacefully.
To the federal politicians, to the Immigration minister, of THIS country, I say, you need to have the decency to stand up and say to those white Africans who are in fear of the violence/death against them & their families, "if you need a place of refuge, we will open the way, we will delegate the majority of the funds for your refuge here into Australia, because we care" (well that's what I would like to think you would say & do - but I wouldn't hold my breath! I don't have much faith AT ALL in todays major politicians, after seeing how they are Actively Not on the side of the over whelming majority of Australians & the historic Australian Christian values). White Africans facing genocide Need refuge - you, the immigration minister, can facilitate that so please do it.

South Africa following Zimbabwe?? Hard to believe? No. Nor will be the consequences. This will be a generational disaster & worse if the international community dont act now to stop this tyranny and stop its Godless spread.

We Support

Many of the statements are true, but others have been grossly exaggerated. For example, the red-coated EFF has a relatively small percentage of support in South Africa. They do not speak for the majority. Yes, the murder rate of farmers is horrific - but it is believed that these murders are perpetrated by criminals not political party members. Recently, the ANC under Ramaphosa has started to re-think their "expropriation without compensatiuon" statements, probably as a result of international pressure (which has been wisely and successfully used by nations like the UK and USA to try to curb excesses by the ANC government.) There is no doubt in my mind that a white South African (farmers especially) makes a far better immigrant than a South Sudanese who struggles to fit into the Australian culture. I personally stood against apartheid but one must not forget that the greatest supporters of apartheid were white South African farmers. If they do get to come to Australia, they must fit into the culture of tolerance and non-racialism.

Zimbarbwe Revisited!

These white farmers are hard workers who built up a nation from nothing - god-fearing and honest and now being condemned to poverty at best, and murder and torture is the norm. They would forever be an asset to Australia and assimilate with our values.

I could see this coming.We have room for productif people,like theses farmers and they do fit in with Australia.

My late husband gave up five years of his early adult life to defend this Country as many of my relations and thousands of Australians did,, many paid a higher price with their lives Australia was a Christian Country , our values were to help one another and make Australia a safe place to live in peace ., not anymore and we Australians seem to have little say in what is happening to our Country
Migrants coming to Australia should have the same values as we do and accept our way of living ,and our laws. -The Migrants who came to Australia after the war wanted a better Lifestyle and they made excellent citizens We need farmers , many of our Men who went to war and did not return were from the Land ,hence there has been less labour to work in the country areas to produce the food we need. The South African farmers would be able to help fill the void in this country to produce food,, they have similar working and living ideas as the Australian farmers do

Think of what our Australian men and women did for Australia in 1914-18 and 1939-45

Why do you assume my people want to leave? Instead of helping them come to Australia, you should be helping them fight in South Africa. Your mob criticized Afghanis and Iraqis for wanting to come here instead of staying and fighting for their country and now you assume my people want to run away? So you are calling us cowards? Start a petition to get the government to protect my people in their own land. It is Afrikaner country. We are not leaving.

Mugabe and his regime all over again.the stolen farms will end up as a wasteland just like Zimbabwe.Get these white farmers to Australia,they are hardworking and will be an asset to Australia not a Liability like the rubbish that is coming in now.Look at Melbourne.

Am with you all the way on this one but I'm not blind of the fact that History shows that the African people were very ill treated during the time of apartheid when the shoe was on the other foot.

"Let's take in the RIGHT refugees."

And deport those who have brought crime, violence and fear to our streets and homes.

Make a law that cannot be overturned by any extreme-left judges -

'If you are not an Australian citizen and you commit a crime, ANY crime, you are immediately deported and never permitted to return. If you are not yet an adult then your parents are deported too.'

(Then we won't have any mother complaining that her son "HAS to steal because he does not get enough money from Centrelink", as happened recently. She and all her family are milking the system while our pensioners, who paid taxes all their lives, are cold and hungry.)

Australians will remember who has destroyed our wonderful lifestyle when it comes to the ballot box.

Do I sound angry? You bet I am. And so is everyone to whom I speak.

You already know their contributions to our health services, lets have the same effect into our agriculture.

This is an absolute must-do on the part of Australia.

Well done Peter Dutton. But I'm willing to bet that despite the probability that greater than 50% of Australia's population would support this proposal it just won't happen. Australia has lost its intestinal fortitude when it comes to matters of race. We're just so frightened of the AFP (Australian Thought Police)

Watching the hate speeches and the way people are being killed is truly heart breaking. I left in 1999 and resettled my family in Aus and we are proudly Australian now after almost 20 years here. But I have family, Parent and life long friends there and constantly worry about them and feel guilty that I left them behind. I'm asking the Govt to help Govt's around the world help dismantle Apartheid in 1990's. I am not asking for the return of Apartheid , but whats going on now , adds up to the same thing in Reverse. May God keep them all safe.

Right thing to do

Thank you thank you thank you. We had all but given up hope of ever being heard. The comments here inspire us. Thank you for caring Australia.

Come on Australia stop the social engineering in Australia we need to get behind ALA & keep our country for good honest free thinking & speaking people who want to live in a true democracy. Read the Manifesto & get behind it there is nothing good about giving our country away. We have a great group of people at the ALA they are fair & honest & above all love Australia enough to devote the greater part of their life to fighting for their country. Forget Turnbull & Shorten they are only life support systems for a mouth. I love Australia & I want to keep it for everyone who really wants to be Australian.

Well done ALA & Peter Dutton. All Australians should get behind this campaign to assist these poor white South African farmers emigrate to Australia before they are faced with the disaster that took place in Zimbabwe. As an ex-Kenyan with family & friends in SA I am all too well aware of what is happening in Africa.

Having employed and worked alongside many from the African continent that have been displaced because of the whiteness of their skin, and seen how they contribute to our society and importantly add enterprises that create jobs, i wholeheartedly agree with and acknowledge that we should do everything possible to support the mass migration of this persecuted minority

My sister was murdered on her farm in 2000 and through this loss - 10 farm labourers were out of work - what a mess !

Please help !

Please help these people, both black & white who are being persecuted, tortured and murdered!

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