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Natural Resources and Environment

Natural Resources and Environment

Our detailed policies in this portfolio will be released by the Policy Development Committee as we work towards the upcoming federal election. Please refer to our values and core policies in the meantime.

For a Liveable Australia

We propose a more sustainable approach to immigration which, supported by fair social and taxation policies, aims for a more liveable Australia for this and future generations.

Better conditions for Australian businesses and more opportunities for working Australians are the keys to a prosperous future, a sustainable economy and a strong social security system.

Population growth will be directed toward regional areas and the Northern and Western parts of Australia.

Affordable Energy for a Cleaner Australia

Life as we know it ends without reliable access to affordable, clean, safe energy and a healthy environment. Australia has enormous reserves of Thorium and Australian Liberty Alliance will investigate the use of efficient and safe options to replace our ageing coal-fired power stations.

We will phase out unsustainable subsidies for uneconomical and unreliable energy sources connected to our power grid. However, we will continue to assist Australians in remote and rural off-grid locations with sensible wind and solar technology. We will reduce our dependency on oil-based fuels through the promotion of abundantly available natural gas for CNG-powered vehicles and foster research, production and export of non-combustive engines for cars and other applications.

Protecting More Than Our Environment

It is critical that we protect our pristine environment for our children, but also to uphold our standing as a producer of high quality food, attract more international tourism and promote Australia as the preferred location for clean industries of the future.

Extreme natural events were described in Australian poetry a century before the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change created hysteria about rising sea levels. In fact the earth has been both warmer and cooler than it is today. When the first coal-fired engine was shipped to Australia, our continent was already infamous for its droughts and floods.

Australian Liberty Alliance acknowledges the climate is changing and that human activity impacts on the environment. Climatology, geology, oceanography and astronomy are disciplines of science and, as such, based on verifiable evidence. We are neither 'believers' nor 'deniers' when it comes to climate change. A number of recent claims made about potential future variations of our planet's climate are not based on scientific fact, but on computerised speculations and consent amongst special interest groups.

A rational approach to demographics, combined with economic realism, will change the driving force behind the debate about climate change. Australian Liberty Alliance recognises the importance of addressing concerns about toxic waste in industry and tackling the accumulation of rubbish in ocean and landfill sites. A national deposit scheme for drink containers and fostering the use of biodegradable packaging material for take-away food outlets, shall be among our key policies for practical environmental protection.

Water Policy - Our Plan for Prosperity

Farms, businesses and whole communities in rural Australia are dying as a consequence of irrational intrusion into the management of water by the Turnbull-inspired Federal Water Act and the current Murray Darling Basin (MDB) Plan. While costing us billions, these intrusions fail to correct environmental problems, destroy communities across the MDB and dehydrate aquatic habitats.

Australian Liberty Alliance has a nation-building plan to stop the mismanagement and return water and prosperity to our rural communities. The key elements of ALA's Plan for Prosperity are:

  1. Abolish the failed Murray-Darling Basin Plan in its current form. Reform or restructure the Murray-Darling Basin Authority so it can fulfil the needs of the Australian people.
  2. Incorporation of an 'Australian Commonwealth Infrastructure Fund' with Snowy Hydro Ltd as base asset, acting as the vehicle to fund the proposed nation-building projects.
  3. Construction of new dams and reservoirs as well as the transfer of water to provide safe, sufficient and reliable water supplies for our cities and regional agricultural zones.
  4. The increased use of hydro-electrical power for base load power supply, driven by generators in new dams, as part of ALA's national energy policy.
  5. The development of water grids to link up existing and new water storages of cities and regional zones as an efficient way of assuring reliable water supplies during periods of drought.
  6. Construction of new dams, reservoirs and diversions to expand and create additional irrigation areas to increase food production, return job opportunities and prosperity to regional areas and advance Australia's position as a trusted supplier of high-quality food products within the APAC region and around the world.
  7. Increased recycling and reuse of waste and grey water to conserve freshwater.