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Defence Forces and Veterans Affairs

Defence Forces and Veterans Affairs

Our detailed policies in this portfolio will be released by the Policy Development Committee as we work towards the upcoming federal election. Please refer to our values and core policies in the meantime.

The dismantling of Australia's defence capabilities must be stopped. If elected, we will return the defence budget to at least 2.0% of GDP. We need short-term booster programs to maintain our sea and air defence capabilities.

Our greater region is facing uncertain times and strengthening ties with our traditional allies is a key objective. However, we reject the deployment of the ADF in combat roles for reasons other than the defence of Australia's sovereignty, or the defence of our allies from attack.

If we order our soldiers to risk their all, we must give them rules of engagement they can live with. Political, religious or gender sensitivities must never imperil Australia's soldiers. Our fighting men and women perform a job like no other and we support the preservation of military traditions.